Faculty of Philosophy and Letters

Faculty of Philosophy and Letters

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We have the pleasure to welcome you more cordially to the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters. All the members that are part of it (teaching and research staff, administration and maintenance staff and students) contribute with their daily effort and dedication to the enrichment of university activity. The Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the UGR is one of the centers of the Spanish state with the highest number of degrees affiliated (at present 14 undergraduate degree programmes ) and is the Faculty with the largest number of exchange students of the Erasmus program throughout the European Union. The wealth and variety of the academic offer of the center is put at the service of its five thousand students and is an unmistakable sample of the essential role that the humanities continue playing in the current socio-cultural context.

Vista general edificio nuevo. Autor Muhsin Martínez Bakkali Patio principal de la Facultad

The Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the University of Granada is located in the University Campus of Cartuja, one of the most important areas of Granada university. It is one of the most emblematic centers of the University of Granada, its origins go back to the founding times of our university institution in the 16th century, during the reign of the Emperor Carlos V.

The current Faculty welcomes five thousand students, almost one hundred members of the Administration and Services staff and around three hundred and fifty lecturers and resarchers. This extraordinary human potential, with laudable responsibility, enthusiasm and dedication, make possible that the Faculty can offer fourteen undergraduate degrees programmes, with a large number of subjects both general and specific, which make this center one of the most prestigious and attractive among the spanish students of humanities, and also among students of the countries of the European Union and other areas of the international community.

The Faculty opens the doors for you with the desire of your full integration in the academic and institutional life of an area that you must feel like your own; your participation, suggestions and contributions will always be enriching and, therefore, welcomed with the greatest interest.

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